Some Cool New Albion Online Feature

Posted: January 20, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

I believe the are going to try spice things up in the January release, If they have to reset ever time they lose players the game is just going to go down hill. Rather release some cool new feature and try and inspire people again. (This is going to happen in release and they need to find ways to keep people playing Albion Online Power Leveling. They cant do that by restarting every so often it has to be my giving us new content.

Yea, I agree there is a systemic problem with the game, in that everyone seems to love the rush at the beginning but just can’t take it by 3-4 weeks in except by the truly committed. It is worry some since the last thing any of us wants to see is 50% of the player base leave a month after release. Hoping they will figure something out in this time and maybe then in January they will wipe and see if they corrected the formula or not. Willing to give leeway on this but still a bit concerned.

I love the rush, because you define yourself quite a lot during these first hours of the game. All people (all) love to become a role in a system and be so good at it, that they are given respect on any kind of level.
So what SI is offering us right now, is a fun game that loses a fair amount of entertainment, when you realize, that the magical feeling of Albion Online Silver forming your character to what you want to be, disappears.

There’s very little T6+ content right now, but the devs have announced that they are working on adding a bunch. How could any of us possibly test it if there’s a wipe? It’ll take weeks or months for enough people to get to the level where the devs can get really good data on how the new content works out. There just isn’t that much time.

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