Trove: It is called a challenge

Posted: November 10, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

As the title says, I’ve put a lot of thought into what the Challenges currently are, and what I think they should be.

First off, lets look at it literally: Its called a challenge but there is nothing challenging about them, more often then not there is enough people of any level to not only clear the dungeons, but to absolutely destroy them. Theres nothing challenging about that. Usually when you think of a challenge it requires either some form of brain power or an actual hard task.

Ever since its release, the hourly challenge has been a chore, and if you’re farming in an elemental world it breaks up your gameplay. You know, like a tamagotchi, you constantly have to feed it, and in this case you constantly have to log in every hour if you ever hope to get the dragons.

Simply put, I think the challenge needs to be reworked. My suggestion is to remove the hourly feature and instead let the players work at their own pace on their own time by giving us “Charges” maybe like 6-8 a day, these can be put in claims daily like Chaos Boxes, they would be Buy Trove Flux with a consume item that, once used, starts the 20 minute challenge with a random biome (including elemental worlds (not everdark)) and random class. No cool down, so once a player finishes the 99 they can pop their next challenge, or if a player can only finish the 40 if another Charge is used the challenge is reset with a new biome and class. This would make it more like what its called: a challenge, because this would removed virtually all Zerg rushes.

Yeah, this sort of system needs to be implemented really. They can also allow us to stack a certain number of those charges (maybe a week’s work) so that people don’t have to be punished for having different play schedules than others. In other MMOs, such as Rift, they’ve had a similar system with the daily dungeons – you were able to build up to 7 daily rewards and just hammer them all out at once if you wished. This gives freedom and choice to players and yet still ensures that people can progress, and keeps them logging on; in this case to collect the charges, even if they can’t use them at that time.

The only problem I see with that is people not having all the classes/not having them all upgraded enough to be able to DO challenges with. Since you said after the 40 dungeons completed you could use another one and reset it through the Trove Flux for sale, I’m assuming you’re thinking it could just be reset and hope for a class you do have?

Besides the question of do we want to add even more RNG you’d run into the problem of people getting bad luck and using several charges without getting a class they can clear dungeons on. Then all those charges will feel wasted and you don’t get any more until the next day and I see that causing a good bit of disappointment. Especially if it’s a day someone had dedicated to using all their charges and farming as much as possible.

Also you did say ‘class’ not ‘classes’, which would leave us with half the chance of getting the right class than we do now.

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