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Or if,you could produce a secured tool to allow players who aren’t in game but on there web brother to access guild or alliance chat, that would be grate. And make a secured protocol to send message to in game guild/alliance, so we could integrate it by ourself using something like node.I realy would like to allow player to be connected event if they aren’t playing.

After using reddit and a variety of other forum platforms, I believe the up/down voting systems are honestly useless.People up or downvote on the AO forums to troll (guilty). Down votes are used as a disagree button which is NOT the correct use for them. Down votes are for posts that are irrelevant to the topic, incite a flame war, or are just generally trollzy. Just because an individual doesn’t like a post doesn’t mean he should down vote it.

However, this is how the system works now as can be evidently seen on reddit specifically. Watch the LoL subreddit and see how down vote is used as a disagree Albion Online Silver button. Just today, there was a post called reddit knows best which showed highly upvoted reddit comments that were wrong or inaccurate. There was also a video showing the inverse of that.

These systems do not promote free speech as a whole. For those who actually care about up/down votes, one will likely withhold an unpopular opinion and perhaps just join the “circle jerk” for upvotes.