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In the last beta it was mainly T4 artifacts that dropped from chests with the odd 5 or 6. And though I agree that maybe reduce the chance of an artifact piece spawning in one you could still get scraps from the Cheap Albion Online Gold. In the last beta they did not activate them at first to stop the rush to grab them.

But if you want to make them so rare that hardly any exist in the game then I ask you. What about hell gates?

One of the types of artifacts is going to come from hell gates. Will it be that only one in a hundred drops an artifact, to keep in line with these chests. If so who will do them?

What I am saying is that by reducing the spawn rate by so much it almost removes them as a feature of the game. How often will we now have castle fights when the chests have a 21 day spawn?

So what was something that spawned every 4 hours and drew people to a possible pvp fight. We even now have areas in the lawfull lands where these chests spawn that is ok to pvp in. Has now become a 2 week spawn is ok with you?. These chests could easily spawn when you are off line for several months. Therefore yet another feature of the game has been nerfed into non existance

These chest’s are going to carry some of the most rare item’s in the game, you want everyone running around with all of the top artifact’s in the game within the first month?

Let’s be real on launch that’s going to make A LOT of sense, I get people want to test it, but it’s time to prepare things for launch.

I believe as well that this is a good change that makes the top-tier gear that much more valuable. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing them rotate the spawn schedule so that it does spawn at different times of the albion online gold market day rather than one static time every week or so.