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I really do like the Dino Tamer, but my biggest issue is how it plays so very differently from how it appears on paper. Looking over the descriptions of it’s skills, you’d think the DT was a pet class, using it’s passive to spawn large numbers of dinosaur buddies to offset the randomness of which buddies it would spawn, using the net and CC from the ultimate to hold enemies in place for your army. In practice, the DT gets most of his power from his (rather clunky) net, using his M1 only to keep the massively powerful poison rolling through the Trove Flux for sale. Throwing out dinosaurs is pretty much an afterthought, and not something I ever really feel like I need to be doing. Looking at the wiki, the Therizinosaurus, which is supposed to be the high damage pet, does approximately 300% magic damage every 2 seconds. Compared to the net, which naturally does 400% damage every 0.5 seconds, and that’s without the ultimate more than doubling the damage value. The Tamer seriously needs a rebalancing of power throughout his kit, away from his net and into other abilities. Here are my suggestions:

Gve Dino Buddies some form of charge system like the Tomb Raiser, where additional charges could be acquired through use of the passive. This would avoid situations where multiple targets die to the net in quick succession, effectively wasting multiple triggers of the passive. To balance it out, perhaps only one charge would build naturally, but up to 3 could be stored at once from the passive.

Reduce the net’s damage, and make it charge faster. The net is really sluggish to use right now, due mostly to how slowly it charges up. Making it a bit faster would make the ability more reliable and the class as a whole a lot smoother to play, as right now the Tamer has to stop attacking for quite a long time to get a net ready.

Buff the survivability and damage of the Dino Buddies. As a whole, the Buddies are an underwhelming part of the Dino Tamer’s kit, dealing mediocre damage and being very easy to Buy Trove Flux, even with investment into health. Allowing the Buddies to be more of an assistance in late-game fights would make the ability as a whole worth using, perhaps diversifying their statistics more (Triceratops scales incredibly high with health, Therizino having much higher damage than the others, Quetzal being faster).

Make Dino Buddies spawn in a priority, making sure that the player has one of each type. For example, the ability could always spawn a Triceratops, then the Quetzal, then the Therizino, as needed. If any buddies have been killed, casting the ability would summon new buddies to fill missing Dinos in that order. This would make sure that the player is not dependent on RNG for damage and survivability, and is guaranteed to have one of each of the Dino Buddies at a time. If all 3 Dino Buddies are alive, further casts of the Dino Buddy skill would instead heal all active Buddies.

Remove maximum duration from Buddies, instead giving them a health drain similar to the Tomb Raiser’s skeletons. This ties into the previous point, allowing the Tamer to heal his pets. This would allow the Dino Tamer to be able to keep a team of Buddies alive for extended periods of time with well-timed uses of the Dino Buddies skill, topping off his pets. It would also require the Tamer to continuously play around his passive, consistently targeting enemies that have been hit by the net to generate new charges of Dino Buddies, in order to heal his team and keep them fighting.

To bring it all together, the Tamer right now isn’t all that fun of a class to play, because he’s not actually a powerful class by his mechanics. He’s fairly clunky due to the slow charge speed of the net, and he’s overly reliant on RNG in order to get the Dino Buddy summons you want (which aren’t really all that worth it anyway). What makes the class powerful is his absurdly high damage on his net, which can be continuously reapplied through sustained M1 shots. Only 3 parts of his kit are even worth using, and two of the Cheap Trove Flux those (M1 and Ult) are just to buff the power of the other one (the net of doom). Rebalancing the Dino Tamer’s power throughout his kit would make him an alternative “summoner” class to the Tomb Raiser, trading out sheer number of minions for more power, and requiring more management through use of the net and passive to keep the Dino Buddies alive, as opposed to simply using M1 to heal. Even if the Dino Tamer wasn’t meant to be a pet class, making him one would be much more healthy for the class in the long run than simply making him a one-trick pony with his nets.

Trove: It is called a challenge

Posted: November 10, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

As the title says, I’ve put a lot of thought into what the Challenges currently are, and what I think they should be.

First off, lets look at it literally: Its called a challenge but there is nothing challenging about them, more often then not there is enough people of any level to not only clear the dungeons, but to absolutely destroy them. Theres nothing challenging about that. Usually when you think of a challenge it requires either some form of brain power or an actual hard task.

Ever since its release, the hourly challenge has been a chore, and if you’re farming in an elemental world it breaks up your gameplay. You know, like a tamagotchi, you constantly have to feed it, and in this case you constantly have to log in every hour if you ever hope to get the dragons.

Simply put, I think the challenge needs to be reworked. My suggestion is to remove the hourly feature and instead let the players work at their own pace on their own time by giving us “Charges” maybe like 6-8 a day, these can be put in claims daily like Chaos Boxes, they would be Buy Trove Flux with a consume item that, once used, starts the 20 minute challenge with a random biome (including elemental worlds (not everdark)) and random class. No cool down, so once a player finishes the 99 they can pop their next challenge, or if a player can only finish the 40 if another Charge is used the challenge is reset with a new biome and class. This would make it more like what its called: a challenge, because this would removed virtually all Zerg rushes.

Yeah, this sort of system needs to be implemented really. They can also allow us to stack a certain number of those charges (maybe a week’s work) so that people don’t have to be punished for having different play schedules than others. In other MMOs, such as Rift, they’ve had a similar system with the daily dungeons – you were able to build up to 7 daily rewards and just hammer them all out at once if you wished. This gives freedom and choice to players and yet still ensures that people can progress, and keeps them logging on; in this case to collect the charges, even if they can’t use them at that time.

The only problem I see with that is people not having all the classes/not having them all upgraded enough to be able to DO challenges with. Since you said after the 40 dungeons completed you could use another one and reset it through the Trove Flux for sale, I’m assuming you’re thinking it could just be reset and hope for a class you do have?

Besides the question of do we want to add even more RNG you’d run into the problem of people getting bad luck and using several charges without getting a class they can clear dungeons on. Then all those charges will feel wasted and you don’t get any more until the next day and I see that causing a good bit of disappointment. Especially if it’s a day someone had dedicated to using all their charges and farming as much as possible.

Also you did say ‘class’ not ‘classes’, which would leave us with half the chance of getting the right class than we do now.

Why make it longer? We are doing the exact same thing from 20-30 and the rewards gained from these levels are hardly anything. Why prolong the already long grind for no real progress? What the devs are doing is making it easier for people to make the game less insufferable and I think many people (myself included) are welcoming this change.

That is incorrect. Class Leveling and gem grinding are different things. Making it easier to level up classes still makes the game less insufferable whether it changes something else, such as gem grinding.

How is it invalid when gems and levels are two very different things? In fact getting to level 30 sooner means that you can really start grinding for gems sooner due to xp efficient worlds and gem slots opening up. Why make one grind longer than it needs the Cheap Trove Flux when it also makes another grind worse? There is no logical reason to increase xp for these levels that nothing new happens in.

I have all the classes, and leveling them all to level 30 would have been a major pain so I didn’t. I would just play my Pirate Captain and that’s it. Maybe now I can think about leveling my other characters on saturdays. If their gem slots open up quicker then I can get them into U9 quicker. With more people leveling their characters (in theory) it should make the total power rank leaderboard more competitive.

This is absurd is so many ways, but i’ll talk about one of the more simple ones.

Inflating the gameplay or putting players on a hamster wheel is bad game design, it is technically what the grind is, and it’s definitely also what character levels are, reducing that means that players can Buy Trove Flux struggling with limited gem slots and less power rank earlier on, and progress to different contest faster.

I’m ok with grind being cut short a little, that means i can work on other toons a little faster. seriously i don’t know why you guys are making a big deal out of it, some day when they add another 5 -10 lvls to our grind you’ll look back at this particular thread and say “that was a uselless thread”. i mean, you do know, it aint over for Trove yet, right?

They look good but since they “unlock” the things on your account, how are old players that already have everything from the pack, except the “coins”, credits and Patron, Are supposed to help support the game.

The pack value may be good for someone that has nothing from it, but even a player that is not yet on mastery 300 but is at something like 200 will argue that he has already half or most of the pack unlocked.Trove need a change of the Trove Flux, give us tradeable things and we unlock on our account what we want.Or Make things easier for both old, mid, new players.

Tokens or some sort of unlockers.These packs have some omini mount unlockers, but even that for old players is something that we have a lot, and theres nothing new that we can unlock with that.It would be a positive godsend if Trion made anything tradeable at this point. I really don’t understand why they’re locking every single new item that comes out, ever since the Mantle of Power update.

I was going to compare the item prices, argue that we could buy them on sales with the extra 8,500 credits from the normal 99.99 pack but i gave up on that no one from staff ever reads or like these types of comments.I just dont like a pack that has lots of untradeable or things i dont want while they cut off things ( the credits ) thinking yeah this item value is X lets cut an amount almost the same from the credits value from a similar pack.

It would be good to receive like double the credits value if we are buying a pack where half the itens are something we have no use or dont want to by Cheap Trove Flux.I guess i will just skip on this pack like i did with the three themed packs that i had everything from them.