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To be honest, I think this COULD be a problem if this was a UFFXIV PvP game, where a class having double or triple the survival of a DPS class doing only 25% less damage than then is a problem. However, this is NOT a PvP game. The tank that has double or triple your survival is ON YOUR SIDE! Them doing more damage only means that this particular person who is tougher to kill than you is also helping you kill your target.

Increased DPS makes tanks “more fun” and more approachable to those people that find the pure low-damage-high-defense archetypes VERY boring.

There is no reason for people to complain. But no matter what you do, people will always find something to complain about.

The problem with this world is: The only vocal people are the ones with the problems. The only people complaining about economical depression are the ones having problems finding jobs and paying the bills. You won’t find someone coming up on TV and saying: “Thank God/Budha/Government/what have you for the Job I have and the solid income that Bills are an after thought”. Subsequently, you won’t find a warrior coming to these forums opening a thread with a: “My survival is amazing and my FFXIV Gil DPS is HUGE! Thank you God/Budha/SE/What have you For The Amazing Game-Time I have!”

Well, it does have PVP. They’ve just not done a very good job with it, so not a lot of people partake in it. If they ever make changes such that it becomes more popular, tank DPS could become an issue, at which point they might take the same route for tanks that they did with healers: deactivating the DPS stances in PvP.

The crafting mechanic, the act of crafting, has always been fun to do… But that is not enough FFXIV Gil, there needs to be UTILITY to other gamers who are not crafters. I mean, it’s mind-bogglingly stupid for the devs to think that ENDGAME crafting can exist as a worthwhile entity on its own, with no utility for anyone who is not a crafter.

I mean the jewelry is garbage as it’s so many ilvls below tome gear, same for any armor or DoW gear, the weapons are glamour at best, there is literally nothing of value beyond the Thavnarian crap and that’s only going to last as long as it “feels new”.

I for one am completely sick of these chicken poop developers who are so damned frightened of making something crafted actually useful to anyone. The developers are so afraid of crafted gear they have actually made crafted tools near useless. Now, even the damn tools we can craft for ourselves (which have no utility mind you, beyond crafting more crafting gear) – now those crafted tools are junk versus scrip gear (unless you have hundreds of millions of Gil to spend on grade V materia that doesn’t exist, lol.

My God, you guys (Devs) blew this so badly.
It’s awful, and the more I think about it the more I am seeing how timid you are, it’s really getting old by now.

Here’s an idea… Dear Dev’s, grow a pair and make crafting useful for once in all our lives. That’s really all there is to it, all the complaints come down to this, fine make a Cheap FFXIV Gil grind. Fine, make the worst grind ever!

But make there be something worth grinding for at the end.
You know what is at the end of this magic grind?
It might as well be a pair of dirty shoelaces, and they ain’t magic shoelaces. Cause there is nothing worth crafting.