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Green and Blue Albion Online Drops

Posted: January 25, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

Green and Blue Drops – These might be taken to a crafter to make character boosts like bracelets and necklaces or pieces for headbands, etc. This boosts can be worn by, and I would hope apply a visual change, to the player which would then increase proficiency at hunt/tracking/looting a particular.

Purple and Orange Drops – These could be used to create unique items that when applied to items or a player cause altering affects, though for this current iteration of the Albion Online Power Leveling game, it would have to be cosmetic or only apply stats toward mobs and the like. An example might be that if your hunting bear’s:Purple drops might apply something like bear claws to the guard of the sword, and/or add a sheath made of bear skin. The sword is then given the name Bear Bane, or when equipped to the player allow for the title, “<insert character name> the Bear Warrior” Perhaps if the players has multiple bear themed items, the character title could appear.

Orange drops would be for specific creatures in the world, perfect examples being dungeons or perhaps depending on how big the world is, if someone is fights bears all the time, they might find one bear that has three times the HP as all the rest and bigger and fast as well. This bear is maybe one out of 10,000 and will not re-spawn where other bears do. Upon its death, it drop the orange item, to be awesome, its the heart. Once clicked on or whatever it unlocks stuff, which and be more or less, but it gives the Albion Gold Mall  player a title like, “<insert character name here> the killer of Agrash the Mauler” or whatever (I suck with titles, so sue me). Point is it is a once in a lifetime (game lifetime that is) drop that will not be given to anyone else ever and it is completely cosmetic, no physical change to the capabilities of the player character at all.