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I think you are right in trying to address this – deep down I think the issue is in having leveling tier with gear. Admittedly this is purely a personal opinion. The reason is exactly as you stated – once you have gone passed that tier what is the point anymore for people to buy that item.

If I wanted to be drastic I would say scrap the entire tier system and start from scratch but for a game that is in closed beta is a little impossible. Part of the reason why I buy Albion Online Gold mention eve is that SI do. There are tiers in eve (but to me not as dramatic) but for items essentially there are types – i.e type of weapons, ammo, ships etc. Therefore there would also be a need for those items.

Also if get rid of repair – have a repair skill so only players can repair stuff. Again based on levels – can only repair your level and attempt to repair 1 tier or 1. tier above.I have no idea whether this would solve any Albion Online Power Leveling issues but to summarise simply where is the player need for items a market usually is created – its creating that need. Pvp losing gear is not enough in my opinion

Just on the above op post. Maybe in attempting something – maybe should only be able to attempt on something 1 tier or point tier above.