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The problem is not FFXIV Gil PLD’s design, but the fact the devs allowed the tank meta to focus on DPS. That in itself is the result of not designing tanks to keep them tanking in their tank stance (since a good part of the DPS issue wouldn’t exist if they had; all it would mean is that raids would have had to spend an extra week or two or esoterics to gear their DPS appropriately to meet the checks in Alexander).

The desire for “simple” comes from the fact half the people on these forums want PLD turned into a UFFXIV WAR or FFXIV DRK facsimile for the sake of increasing its DPS.

I will continue being an awesome paladin. I will continue to be better than dark knights and warriors at my role. Your “popular opinions” about the state of the game can continue to be what they are. Both popular and opinions. Just remember, just because something is widely accepted doesn’t mean it’s right. Is the world still flat? Is Justin Beiber music good? My sword cuts through your fads and my shield blocks their influence. I am a rock, and though surrounded by a veritable sea of idiocy, I shall stand, the lone island, the safe haven, sheltering those who would choose the desolate isolation of intelligence rather than be dragged down and succumb to the loud, crashing waves of the ocean of mediocrity you call strength warriors and derp knights.