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And it is very different, I actually did take mining ships out into null sec early on and did so in low sec as well. Was it the smartest idea? No but I was keeping out of corps at the time and I actually came out ahead in this even with the ships I lost as I was able to evade a decent amount of the time if I was ready and watching buy Albion Online Gold carefully. This made those trips worth it and made me continue to attempt it and put me out there as a target for those low and null sec people.

Now if I had a 100% chance to die every time something popped up on my radar, I would not have done that and it would have been 1 less target for them to go after.

Also your missing that unlike Eve, straight progression requires people to get to these zones. You can live in high/low sec and make a decent living to fund your battles in whatever pvp areas you take without a real hit to your Albion Mall progression. If you do go into those dangerous places it’s because you enjoy the thrill and or are going for a higher reward for a higher risk. But in AO even casuals and carebears need to get out into those zones to do anything in the game past T4 as it’s not like AO has much going on besides gathering, crafting, dungeons and pvp.

So again your example of encouraging pvp was only for those doing the hunting and ends up with less actual targets and people out in red/black zones to fight/kill.