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Who is this game for

Flashback to 2014, alpha emails are going out for a game called Albion Online. As an old UO player, it was hitting all the right notes. Sure the alpha was rough around the edges, as alpha’s are, but overall it was an adventure filled with Albion Online Silver and communities banding together to survive a harsh and punishing world.

All it needed was polishing and additional content to make the world feel alive. So into hibernation I went, playing other games and waiting.

Fast forward to today.

It’s been a month of final beta, and I’ve dedicated as much free time as I have available to playing the game, and checking forums/change history. I’ve tried putting in my 2 cents on popular topics, and have tried to maintain a positive attitude in-game as I test. One month of this is enough for me.

Where has the harsh and punishing world from Alpha gone.
Current state of final beta & Way Forward
This joke/parody comic is so spot on, I guess this makes me a whiner too

It feels like they shifted who the target audience is to draw in more players to find albion online gold shop, and in the process had to make core changes instead of content additions and polishing with their dev time. This has resulted a boring, grindy game filled with safe zones, little content, and a terrible risk/reward balance. I can’t think of a single thing Albion is doing better than other games on the market, probably because it can’t seem to decide what kind of players/community they want to build on.

I personally hate LP, but maybe they introduced it so I can park my character with the hope of the game eventually becoming fun again. Unfortunately, I have the feeling I’m no longer the target audience anymore, so I wonder if that day will actually come. Back into hibernation I go.