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Well I’ve come back to this game again and I’m bored within minutes, everyone seems so far ahead of me, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know which direction to go, and its so quiet and then it hit me, I know what the game is missing…

The thing that got me so excited and so enthralled about World of Warcraft was that intro, where you are placed into a world and you know the backdrop of your race and your Albion Online Silver section of the world, and you start out as a small little nothing killing pigs and it goes from there. I started WoW at the end of vanilla, so I was “behind”, but I never experienced a feeling of being behind ever.

In Albion Online right now, you start off as a naked character, which is great, i love going from nothing to end game, but there’s no intro, no music, no emotion and no sense of excitement when your placed into the world. There’s just a bit of confusion about what to do, and you start to poke around and figure things out, but its slow and you have no goals, other than the achievements you start to notice you’re unlocking.

I know that Albion Online could be an amazing Cheap Albion Online Gold game, but I’m not excited about it enough to play even for a couple hours if I don’t have a goal, I know nothing about whats going on around me, I looked at the map, I can see red arrows and yellow arrows and numbers, the only thing I can tell for sure is the PvP area and the safe zone. I even saw a ship sailing between islands, what is that for? World of Warcraft had that amazing narrator that lead you into the game, and it had quests to guide you down a path. I’m not saying I want a robust quest system here, I’m saying I want a purpose, I want to choose a direction or specialization or something, or even know that those options exist.