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Who is this game for

Flashback to 2014, alpha emails are going out for a game called Albion Online. As an old UO player, it was hitting all the right notes. Sure the alpha was rough around the edges, as alpha’s are, but overall it was an adventure filled with Albion Online Silver and communities banding together to survive a harsh and punishing world.

All it needed was polishing and additional content to make the world feel alive. So into hibernation I went, playing other games and waiting.

Fast forward to today.

It’s been a month of final beta, and I’ve dedicated as much free time as I have available to playing the game, and checking forums/change history. I’ve tried putting in my 2 cents on popular topics, and have tried to maintain a positive attitude in-game as I test. One month of this is enough for me.

Where has the harsh and punishing world from Alpha gone.
Current state of final beta & Way Forward
This joke/parody comic is so spot on, I guess this makes me a whiner too

It feels like they shifted who the target audience is to draw in more players to find albion online gold shop, and in the process had to make core changes instead of content additions and polishing with their dev time. This has resulted a boring, grindy game filled with safe zones, little content, and a terrible risk/reward balance. I can’t think of a single thing Albion is doing better than other games on the market, probably because it can’t seem to decide what kind of players/community they want to build on.

I personally hate LP, but maybe they introduced it so I can park my character with the hope of the game eventually becoming fun again. Unfortunately, I have the feeling I’m no longer the target audience anymore, so I wonder if that day will actually come. Back into hibernation I go.

I told you specific, but you keep ignoring it and keep saying the same crap over and over.

A new server ALWAYS splits the community – i explained you on your wrongly given example Runescape how it got split – by almost 40% players lost (not to mention the ones that left because of the lower amount of people playing)People that play on such a server most likely would have played on the normal server and invested more Albion Online Gold there – So its not only a cut in player base, but also in profit.

This server WONT be visited by ONLY people that doesnt want to play on the normal servers.You’re simply overestimating this “untapped player base” of yours. Do you honestly think there are enough people that would want to pay extra to join a pure side server when there’s a main server with much more people? In a game where the economy is completely player driven and large amounts of people are required? This pure server of yours would not only be hardly profitable to the devs, but you’d probably walk hours accross black zones with zero encounters.

Thats not true at all, and if you actually looked at the figures yourself you would realize that. There is a huge player base for all the RS servers.At this point we’ll just have to agree to disagree, if you wont read what I wrote or provide any valid discussion you’re not going to start now.

Yes. Go look at all the P2W threads on this forum, as well as everywhere else people discuss Albion. All these people are interested in albion online silver farming and the game but dont want to play it in its current state of having P2W features. I think you’re grossly underestimating how many people hate P2W features. They would much rather play on a lower population server (even though I would argue this server would be far more popular) than a P2W one.

But lets pretend for a second thats not the truth and zero people join this new server and it dies in a week. The worst thing that happens is that the developers lose an absolutely insignificant amount of money.

You’re not the target audience for this so I dont expect you to understand, but this ‘I dont like it so it shouldnt exist’ mentality is very childish of you.

I think the way it is now, the more characters you have with premium the better off you will be. My main is a fighter and gatherer and my alt is a refiner/crafter. I really wish they’d just remove LP though and maybe adjust fame required to level up, I hate NEEDING another character or two to be the most efficient.

Depend on how many time you have to play the game, but the game is made so you can’t do all by yourself (at least, not in a short time).
Anyway, you can have 3 char max per account.
I have 3 char with premium right now, 1 fighter/gatherer and the other 2 for crafting, refining,albion online silver farming, etc, but ofc i will not be able to do all by myself eventually.

There is only a drawback if you intend to use LP on gathering or crafting.If you just do like normal people and dont spend LP on those two, you’ll be fine.Using alts for gathering/crafting is an elitist thing. Not something the average player should do. When newbies get this advice, its simply wrong. Just dont spend LP on anything other than what you want to focus your online time on.

Alts are only powerful in the first month or two. After that, everybody will be able to craft their own items anyways. After 6 months, everybody will be able to craft everything, because low tier mats are no longer needed in the same amount, so they are cheap or easy to get.TIME is the limiting factor to what a player can accomplish.
If someone has 10 alts but only plays 2 hours per day, his 10 alts are completely useless.

If I’m on a guild’s A-GvG-team, then I need to be levelling all of my Albion Online Gold to keep up. This will keep me from using my alts anyways.What you people don’t get is that having alts is only a competitive advantage for guilds that actively boost their crafters. Or players that play an absurd amount of time and have time to gather. And only during the first few months of the game.There are very few of such players/guilds. And the time in which alts give a competitive advantage is very short.

So you guys are totally exaggerating the effect on the game in the medium to long term. You are only looking at the super short term.You weren’t being very specific on the system. Your first reply draws up something completely different than your second reply.Had you used the words “shared LP pool” or something similar, you would have described it sufficiently.

Learn to not be sarcastic when YOU are the root cause of the misunderstanding. We can talk again when you are adult enough for that.


Currently people are asking for you to slow down progression because some your game design is flawed and with the current design I’d have to agree with them. I would prefer you make some changes and leave the current, easy to learn, hard to master progression philosophy in place. We all can agree that balancing is needed with your current destiny board and I feel that the time investment between gathering, crafting and gear usage unlocks is way out of whack. These three areas should take equal amounts of effort to reach the same albion online gold shop. They should be balanced to where tools are now, which is a meaningful amount of effort to get to a competitive level, but not months or years.

GvG Design is Flawed; I and I am sure many others entered this game with aspirations of being a great GvG’ers. But over the course of my 2 years in this game I have realised that GvGing is not for me and It also comes to my realization that GvGing is a very exclusive activity for those that have the excessive amounts of time or lots of flexibility in their schedules and in most cases are fed gear and in some cases accounts that others have leveled for them to play.. I feel like there should be a disclosure to this feature in its current state with all the criteria that goes into this in game activity.

Way to exclusive, from time restrictions, to AO Silver demands and even limited slots and even skill restrictions.
Promotes formation of large guilds and/or alliances aka Zergs because the more people you have the more resources you can bring in as well as farm safer.
Promotes Communism which in most cases leads to abuse and waste. Some people mistake this as teamwork but often times they are the ones being fooled.
At the end of the day they are pretty much meaningless fights.. Sure people(GvGers and Developers) try to build it up as if they are something amazing but again, less than 5% of your population does GvG’s and I bet over 50% would like to. In addition to this, I would bet 30% of this final beta population is only playing because they are GvGing or trying to support GvG’ers and the masses that have quit the test, quit because there really isn’t anything to do other then Gather for GvG’ers and GvG. My numbers are for perspective purposes, not factual statistics.
Over a Half a dozen tests later and still too easy for a single guild to own vast numbers of territories? Stahp. At the time of me typing this Finstack has 25 territories themselves. How is this healthy? You got 1 guild controlling a huge area on the map, if you had say 20 different guilds in the same area the world would feel alive. Your GvG system is killing the game.
GvG’s have a choke hold on your game.
Possible Fixes
Limit number of territories a guild can hold through steep scaling upkeep costs(food and/or silver). This has been a problem from day 1 and you have still failed to see the issue with it or lack the Give a F to fix it.
Make each fight more meaningful by not having so damn many of them so often. Think about how you have your city plots set up? Why not have an auction everyday? Because you want someone to get a value out of it before they can lose it. That is how Territories should be. 1 fight a week winner takes all like the Cheap Albion Online Gold territories. If your guild members has stuff in their bank, to the victor goes the spoils and the victorious guild can take everything out of the bank from the losing guild if they left anything inside. This also works towards combating zerg guilds. Who cares how many resources they can bring in, in their zerg/communism guild. Even a small guild can set up for a fight once a week and the better team gets the territory, not the one with more time, players, resources.
Bring on a WoW style arena system (I’ll be putting up a post for debate here shortly, but having looked at the facts, I am ever more convinced that this system would benefit your game far more than It would hurt your game and would love to have a healthy debate on it.)
Mounts and Seed Vendor

This vendor needs to go. Things offered by this vendor need to be found and collected in the open world.
Farming and everything related In its current state sucks and it benefits the ones who can tolerate suffering more and those that have more alts/accounts. It lacks excitement, it’s dull and it’s boring.

To available because of the vendor.
Promotes Multi-Accounts
Diminishes Rewards for your average player.

Additional Thoughts for the State of the Open World…..
I want to reason to farm a dungeon or hellgates even if my gear is at max tier and I want to come back with 20 different types of things for 15 different trades, from common materials to “holy shit, if I make it back to town with this, I am RICH kind of loot!.” PvE should feel more like a Diablo series game where you are hunting for something cool and rare. You guys did an amazing job adding in new NPC’s and all that but you give us 0 reason to experience any of that cool content you created for us.