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It wouldn’t work cause all you’d be doing is making 1 UFFXIV dungeon that could be split into 2-3 dungeons. It’s quite the waste of resources and for those maximizing they might just say “oh crud it started like this let’s reset”

While the idea of procedural does sound nice there are a lot shortcomings to the concept that make it hard to implement. The idea behind roulette is that you’ve done the dungeon before and now you know everything to expect. If they implemented procedural, how would you implement the “roulette”? Would a player first have to spam the dungeons til they fought every boss once before it unlocked cause technically that’s how roulette works atm, it works under the idea that you know everything so you can just roulette with others that know what they are doing and bam quick dungeon.

The reason it becomes “mind numbing” is simple

-Higher GIL
-You know what to do

Guess what, those two issues will still happen in a procedural generated dungeons. Procedural be nothing different then doing one dungeons or the other the only “difference” would be say you have 6 sub bosses and 3 main bosses, then it’s a pull for 2/6 and 1/3 but as a roulette once you’ve done all the fights at least once or twice it becomes clockwork to handle the mechanics.

Hey lovies I see you posted the idea.

And I’ll be honest, i know a few MMO who do this.Mabinogi did this, and ff11 had something like this You traded itens and it would spawn different dungeons /boss /layout. In the case of ff11 they were player made dungeons based on preselected plates on a network system, It never really was the same, these do work. Also this could be not put in roulette and something preformed groups can do. Or df it, and you get a random dungeon and lay out.

He wasn’t saying anything about this being hard or anything, just something to slow down burn out because farming the same 1-2 dungeons for hours on end is mind numbing for some. Having a slight change up in layout and bosses can change all that since it will be random on what you will get.
I would like to see this added, and could be its own thing to earn seals/tomes.Having more content is a good thing.

I also think we could benefit from the tome conversion, and add a gc seal one. Where we trade one you seal type for another when we switch grand company. Though it not hard to get seals, this would help make it easier

You guys should really red the full post he has 2 buy ffxiv gil ideas, not just one. Please take a sec to comment on both idea not just one.

Reading through this I’m a little surprised by the answers, I would have imagined that it would be WAR because Berserk + Unchained + Internal Release then Butchers Block a couple times generates insane enmity and I would think a DRK spamming Power Slash will find themselves out of MP and out of Darkside before even their Dark Arts Power Slashes would overcome the WARs aggro, and I wouldn’t necessarily count UFFXIV PLD out either as DRK needs to use their MP regen combo occasionally and a good WAR will be using Storms Eye to help generate aggro from the Slashing resistance down debuff and attack up where as a PLD generating aggro never needs to use anything other than Rage of Halone.

Having said that I still think a WAR will out aggro the other 2

AOE is a little more interesting tho. In particularly big pulls a WARs Overpower may be unable to hit all the enemies and Steel Cyclone is locked behind their Wrath mechanic. Which makes it a race between PLD and DRK in AOE, PLD has enhanced Flash and the Circle of Scorn DOT on a very short CD, where as DRK has Unleash, Dark Passenger and Salted Earth. Dark Passenger suffers from the same issue as Overpower in particularly large pulls where the mobs surround you so they can attack you, Salted earth is a Fire arrow like DOT I believe and Unleash is Flash with a damage dealing mechanic.
In an AOE aggro war between the two of them I believe it would be which ones MP holds out longer and Im not sure who that would be as DRK has Blood Price but is constantly losing MP to Darkside and Dark Passenger has an MP cost despite being a cooldown while a FFXIV GIL PLD can use Circle of Scorn without losing MP but has no way of reneging MP without switching to a single target for riot blade and I read somewhere that Flash generates more enmity than Unleash but that could be wrong

Tank lbs are only useful when facing attacks that hit most or all of the party for enough Cheap FFXIV Gil damage that it would kill party members from full/near full unless they get the -10%/20%/-50%.

The FFXIV Healer lb3 is only useful when an attack has just killed multiple party members. Healer lb1 and lb2 do little that can not be covered by their normal AoE healing abilities and MP recovery is pretty much a waste of a limit break.

It is best to use the melee DpS lb when it is full unless the boss has a mechanic that can be skipped with proper use of the lb (such as the last boss of Brayflox HM).

The caster and ranged lbs are most useful when you have at least 2 targets that need to be damaged.

I would like if the required you to LB more often at specific points.
All they need to do is utilize LB generating mechanics like Ifrit’s nails or Cloud of Darkness’s Dark Clouds.

With those mechanics, you can have zero LB and build to level 3 just by killing the adds.
Stuff like that can incorporate the FFXIV LB usage into the fight which I think would make it more of an interesting fight mechanic.
It would also allow the tank LB to be used more, since you can guarantee it right before the big hit.

As it stands, the tank LB just never gets used.
I think all the LBs should get FFXIV Gil used more. The fights just need to auto-fill them so that fights are designed around it.

And I’m not saying you need i200 for anything other than Savage… I’m simply pointing out the difference between something being “required” and something being “useful”. Esoterics gear is useful in virtually all Lv60 content, just because you can do Neverreap in i160 doesn’t mean that i200 isn’t helpful… Most Final Fantasy XIV Gil people don’t even bother with raiding and still go after Esoterics because of the sense of progression the gear provides, compared to the utter lack of progression provided by the full i180 that isn’t particularly hard to be in by now… Right now this game basically has no endgame content for the majority of players, and that easily reached 450/week cap is the only thing providing any sense of progression. That is both a weak sense of progression to begin with, and limits you to a single Job in a game which has “Play everything on a single character” as one of its main selling points…

Opening up that cap to multiple roles/Jobs, while still providing a cap on how quickly players can gear (which is the entire purpose of the cap) literally does nothing except give people more “content”… It doesn’t impact balance in the slightest, since you can only take a single role/Job into an event. All it does is give people who’re bored out of their skulls with the game something more to do each week while we wait for 3.1. Having the i200 weapon for Ninja and FFXIV Dark Knight, for example, does absolutely nothing. It does not make my Ninja any stronger in Alexander, nor does it make my Dark Knight any stronger. They’d both be as strong as they’d currently be if I put Esoterics into them, I’d just have two options instead of one. Simply put, I don’t need a Deathbringer for Neverreap or other non-Savage content, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one and would benefit from having one. If, after three weeks, I could obtain a Yukimitsu and Deathbringer, neither my Ninja or Dark Knight is any stronger for it. Unless there is something wrong with people being able to take multiple Jobs into Savage (and I don’t think there is), I don’t really see any issue with a suggestion like Cheap FFXIV Gil this. Being able to progress multiple Jobs should be a thing in a game with a Job system like this…

The only real issue with this is accessories, since they’re shared across multiple Jobs; I could get FFXIV DEX accessories on Bard and my Ninja would benefit from that. That’s the only issue though.

I think his point was the things Final Fantasy XIV WHM gets after 50 make up for it in Job identity. WHM is a very different healer to either Final Fantasy XIV SCH or AST. Its less subtle and more powerful. Homogenization is only an Final Fantasy XIV Gil issue when the Jobs start to feel too similar. Granite skin and Protect are poor ways to define WHM.

WHM job identity is in raw powerful healing output. They are the BLM of healing pumping out heals on a scale the other healers cant match. Their major restricting factor is Mana. The post 50 abilities only strengthen this feeling of a healing artillery gun. They are the masters of reactive healing. How does damage mitigation make them less homogenized vs healing Jobs that specialise in mitigation?

Perhaps part of the difference between us is that I am not looking at this from an endgame efficiency point of view, and perhaps you are. Yoshi clearly is, hence his comments abot waiting until the interviewer hit 60. I’m sorry, but I don’t measure much of this game based on raid or end game utility. The look and feel, personality and how something plays matter more to me.

I never quite saw WHM as just being about the big numbers. The point, and problem, is that specific things that set the Final Fantasy XIV WHM apart were removed. Things that set something apart are key aspects of that thing’s identity. I mean it’s all nice and well to be a healing bazooka, but that narrows the scope of the role Final Fantasy XIV WHM filfills compared to how it was before. I understand that the expansion brought 3 new jobs, but look it this way, some (not all) Bards, White Mages and Paladins are upset and feel that many of the changes to the game, their job and the new jobs have removed some of the things that set them apart, some of the aspects to those jobs that made them unique are no longer unique, or no longer work the same way. I don’t know, to me alienating players of three FFXIV Gil original jobs seems to be an issue, especially as two of those three are in roles we are already short of.

“I already talked to the team about the Moogle side quests, because they are quite tiresome and tedious jobs. For the future, we like to remove this type of quest.

There are two points to improve for side quests: First of all, you need to assign a proper story to that side quest. We also want to add more cheap ffxiv gil variation to the side quests.

For example, you may need to find the highest building an an area and jump off from the top if it. Or you need to carry a certain item and secretly sneak into a building without being noticed by anyone.

We think that adding that mini-game type of quests to the game should be fun. I actually talked with the team about this last week, before coming to Gamescom. Before moving to 4.0, we have to add more variety to the quests. We want to change this and the flag systems. These are the things we want to improve.”

I mentioned this idea in a different thread, but I think adding a new type of duty would be great where there are solo duties like this where you have to do a stealth mission, or a competitive guild hest where players race to a prize in a treasure hunt…

I also think a dungeon where players must cooperatively escape from a prison would be fun where all 4 Final Fantasy XIV players start in different locations, and have to solve puzzles, and meet at the end, fight the prison warden and escape, but battles would also be discouraged, like all gear is removed, though this could be done with a stat locking drawing weapon, and glamouring gear into prison clothes, and interacting with a chest at the end removes these stats.

That’s also something that could be done in an expansion. There are some people complaining about too many new moves and burn out trying to learn all the new Final Fantasy XIV Gil skills. In an expansion, to break up variety in new battle skills, Every job could have a few puzzle dungeon skills added like Ninjas can lockpick a door to gain access to places others can’t (Or a Warrior can kick down the door, but it makes noise possibly attracting attention) while a Dragoon can jump over obstacles to bypass certain areas.

Been looking forward to what SE was gonna put in the game with terms of “awarding, structured PvP” I was really hoping it would Buy FFXIV Gil be arenas. Hear me out, I would love to see vamped up arena maps with 2V2, 3V3, 5V5 for PvP with whatever we can que with. Double dps comps would be great for example or healer dps comps, I know we have 5V5 but it follows the tank, healer, 3 dps combos which is not great. What I would love to see in the future would be:

– PvP ladders (rating)
– Arena PvP gear (gives more morale, stats, higher ilvl etc)
– Arena PvP maps with some gimmicks
– Skirmish type PvP (bring friends in to try out your groups but not lose rating)

I know people will say “WoW did this it’s not original” but this game is lacking in arena PvP and it’s something I really miss in an MMO aside from world PvP. These are only suggestions I know not everyone likes PvP or wants it, but for the ones that do, like myself I would love to see these additions. Thank you.

Ladders would be nice and so would less people in BGS, but wolf whatever it is arena.

Also the grind to lvl pvp is one of the worst systems for ranked pvp. I prefer ranked over grind, but idk some people like it i guess.

Edit to save posts: I would like 3v3 uncapped and huttsball was the best pvp to come out of swtor

Edit 2: But without quetime fixes the whole grind out lvl for pvp just sucks to be blunt. It does not particularly balance pvp even at max level, and is a grind for the sake of grind since it is not trying to slow down progression with content patches. The whole FFXIV Gil system needs to be changed or fixed and we really need smaller pvp then 72

I play monk. Lately in A4 I am trash talked for being low in DPS. Notes for A4 say do not get close to others due to splash damage, that slows me down. Run away from the leg to get Cheap FFXIV Gil the giant flowing balls, one, two balls because I changed to Fists of Earth (oh no the monk is in fists of earth let’s trash her), sometimes 3 balls or not oops I’m dead. Yet you, parsing tank are still on the leg wailing away. Then the dolls, oops gotta stop and go save the clerics cause you, the parser buddy of the tank have got to keep that DPS up for your parser. Then of course time for the ride down the tube. It’s not about DPS it’s about mechanics. Probably why we wipe.

Why not.. Make a cross server blacklist. Make a blacklist that works in the group. Make a mute function so people do not have to listen to being trashed.

I watched a video with Yoshi talking about parsers and saying “We are all adults here” well, NO we are not ALL adults. Even the adults aren’t adults.

And those are the people you just ignore. Even if it weren’t for parsers, people will find someone to blame for DPS being low, and it will obviously be among the 4 actual DPS.

On the positive side however, if you’re running a parser, you can easily defend your case if you’re actually keeping up in DPS. Parsers have their positive, and their negatives, it’s about the person who’s using it.

For example there are times in A1, on both Faust and Oppressor, I’m holding close to 900 DPS as a Drk. More often than not I’m either at the top of the chart (For the duration of my TP), or close to it. If things are dying when they should, idc if people are below me even if I’m a tank. If they’re not, I’m going to tell the DPS that they need to step it up a bit, and if someone is low enough to where you’d expect them to still be level 50, I’m going to tell them that they need to step it up too. How you react to that depends on how things escalate from there on out.

God forbid you tell some people that they need Final Fantasy XIV Gil to step their DPS up a bit, they act as if you just cursed their entire family.