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It wouldn’t work cause all you’d be doing is making 1 UFFXIV dungeon that could be split into 2-3 dungeons. It’s quite the waste of resources and for those maximizing they might just say “oh crud it started like this let’s reset”

While the idea of procedural does sound nice there are a lot shortcomings to the concept that make it hard to implement. The idea behind roulette is that you’ve done the dungeon before and now you know everything to expect. If they implemented procedural, how would you implement the “roulette”? Would a player first have to spam the dungeons til they fought every boss once before it unlocked cause technically that’s how roulette works atm, it works under the idea that you know everything so you can just roulette with others that know what they are doing and bam quick dungeon.

The reason it becomes “mind numbing” is simple

-Higher GIL
-You know what to do

Guess what, those two issues will still happen in a procedural generated dungeons. Procedural be nothing different then doing one dungeons or the other the only “difference” would be say you have 6 sub bosses and 3 main bosses, then it’s a pull for 2/6 and 1/3 but as a roulette once you’ve done all the fights at least once or twice it becomes clockwork to handle the mechanics.

Hey lovies I see you posted the idea.

And I’ll be honest, i know a few MMO who do this.Mabinogi did this, and ff11 had something like this You traded itens and it would spawn different dungeons /boss /layout. In the case of ff11 they were player made dungeons based on preselected plates on a network system, It never really was the same, these do work. Also this could be not put in roulette and something preformed groups can do. Or df it, and you get a random dungeon and lay out.

He wasn’t saying anything about this being hard or anything, just something to slow down burn out because farming the same 1-2 dungeons for hours on end is mind numbing for some. Having a slight change up in layout and bosses can change all that since it will be random on what you will get.
I would like to see this added, and could be its own thing to earn seals/tomes.Having more content is a good thing.

I also think we could benefit from the tome conversion, and add a gc seal one. Where we trade one you seal type for another when we switch grand company. Though it not hard to get seals, this would help make it easier

You guys should really red the full post he has 2 buy ffxiv gil ideas, not just one. Please take a sec to comment on both idea not just one.