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I disagree on the basis that your opinion is that of a filthy casual who is not a member of a 1,000+ man alliance. As a member of such a prestigious alliance, I need only ask my alliance members if they see my naked scout with their naked scout, at which point they will inform me, usually in Russian, the name of the Albion Online Power Leveling dungeon my alt is in, whereupon I simply google translate the answer. Pay attention to this next part, because it shows you how the players can really influence the world of Albion, and make it a richer experience for all. As I successfully scout 5 man groups for my 40 man group, I earn ZergBux. At the end of the month, the person with the most Zergbux is placed on an indefinite waiting list to join the 20 man group that the 1,000+ man alliance allows to farm the dungeons we are scouting to progress to 14.8 tier gear.

One of the main reasons I support implementing housing is because it would make it easier to be a solo player. Right now it is incredibly hard to go out in red or black zones alone or in small groups. This is due to the large amounts of zergs and because of the zoning laws. With open world housing I would have a place to store items, and respawn at. There is also plenty of space in the world right now. Half of the world is just rough wood. I admit that it could become cluttered, but it is my understanding that the world is being revamped anyway, so why not account for adding player housing?

More skills and shorter cooldowns. this will promote player Albion Gold Mall  skill and diversity. a full set of gear should give a 2-4 more usable skills and anything with over a 20 second cooldown should be reevaluated. hitting a button once per minute is lame. hitting that same button 3 times in a minute (even if the ending total is exacly the same) adds more player skill to the game.