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Or if,you could produce a secured tool to allow players who aren’t in game but on there web brother to access guild or alliance chat, that would be grate. And make a secured protocol to send message to in game guild/alliance, so we could integrate it by ourself using something like node.I realy would like to allow player to be connected event if they aren’t playing.

After using reddit and a variety of other forum platforms, I believe the up/down voting systems are honestly useless.People up or downvote on the AO forums to troll (guilty). Down votes are used as a disagree button which is NOT the correct use for them. Down votes are for posts that are irrelevant to the topic, incite a flame war, or are just generally trollzy. Just because an individual doesn’t like a post doesn’t mean he should down vote it.

However, this is how the system works now as can be evidently seen on reddit specifically. Watch the LoL subreddit and see how down vote is used as a disagree Albion Online Silver button. Just today, there was a post called reddit knows best which showed highly upvoted reddit comments that were wrong or inaccurate. There was also a video showing the inverse of that.

These systems do not promote free speech as a whole. For those who actually care about up/down votes, one will likely withhold an unpopular opinion and perhaps just join the “circle jerk” for upvotes.

Well I’ve come back to this game again and I’m bored within minutes, everyone seems so far ahead of me, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know which direction to go, and its so quiet and then it hit me, I know what the game is missing…

The thing that got me so excited and so enthralled about World of Warcraft was that intro, where you are placed into a world and you know the backdrop of your race and your Albion Online Silver section of the world, and you start out as a small little nothing killing pigs and it goes from there. I started WoW at the end of vanilla, so I was “behind”, but I never experienced a feeling of being behind ever.

In Albion Online right now, you start off as a naked character, which is great, i love going from nothing to end game, but there’s no intro, no music, no emotion and no sense of excitement when your placed into the world. There’s just a bit of confusion about what to do, and you start to poke around and figure things out, but its slow and you have no goals, other than the achievements you start to notice you’re unlocking.

I know that Albion Online could be an amazing Cheap Albion Online Gold game, but I’m not excited about it enough to play even for a couple hours if I don’t have a goal, I know nothing about whats going on around me, I looked at the map, I can see red arrows and yellow arrows and numbers, the only thing I can tell for sure is the PvP area and the safe zone. I even saw a ship sailing between islands, what is that for? World of Warcraft had that amazing narrator that lead you into the game, and it had quests to guide you down a path. I’m not saying I want a robust quest system here, I’m saying I want a purpose, I want to choose a direction or specialization or something, or even know that those options exist.

Green and Blue Albion Online Drops

Posted: January 25, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

Green and Blue Drops – These might be taken to a crafter to make character boosts like bracelets and necklaces or pieces for headbands, etc. This boosts can be worn by, and I would hope apply a visual change, to the player which would then increase proficiency at hunt/tracking/looting a particular.

Purple and Orange Drops – These could be used to create unique items that when applied to items or a player cause altering affects, though for this current iteration of the Albion Online Power Leveling game, it would have to be cosmetic or only apply stats toward mobs and the like. An example might be that if your hunting bear’s:Purple drops might apply something like bear claws to the guard of the sword, and/or add a sheath made of bear skin. The sword is then given the name Bear Bane, or when equipped to the player allow for the title, “<insert character name> the Bear Warrior” Perhaps if the players has multiple bear themed items, the character title could appear.

Orange drops would be for specific creatures in the world, perfect examples being dungeons or perhaps depending on how big the world is, if someone is fights bears all the time, they might find one bear that has three times the HP as all the rest and bigger and fast as well. This bear is maybe one out of 10,000 and will not re-spawn where other bears do. Upon its death, it drop the orange item, to be awesome, its the heart. Once clicked on or whatever it unlocks stuff, which and be more or less, but it gives the Albion Gold Mall  player a title like, “<insert character name here> the killer of Agrash the Mauler” or whatever (I suck with titles, so sue me). Point is it is a once in a lifetime (game lifetime that is) drop that will not be given to anyone else ever and it is completely cosmetic, no physical change to the capabilities of the player character at all.

And it is very different, I actually did take mining ships out into null sec early on and did so in low sec as well. Was it the smartest idea? No but I was keeping out of corps at the time and I actually came out ahead in this even with the ships I lost as I was able to evade a decent amount of the time if I was ready and watching buy Albion Online Gold carefully. This made those trips worth it and made me continue to attempt it and put me out there as a target for those low and null sec people.

Now if I had a 100% chance to die every time something popped up on my radar, I would not have done that and it would have been 1 less target for them to go after.

Also your missing that unlike Eve, straight progression requires people to get to these zones. You can live in high/low sec and make a decent living to fund your battles in whatever pvp areas you take without a real hit to your Albion Mall progression. If you do go into those dangerous places it’s because you enjoy the thrill and or are going for a higher reward for a higher risk. But in AO even casuals and carebears need to get out into those zones to do anything in the game past T4 as it’s not like AO has much going on besides gathering, crafting, dungeons and pvp.

So again your example of encouraging pvp was only for those doing the hunting and ends up with less actual targets and people out in red/black zones to fight/kill.

Progress With The Albion Online Game

Posted: January 22, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

There is many aspects why they extend it another 8 months. to develop the game better.

1.Creating founders pack, on very begun allow people to buy it and feel special, as be (one of first to enter game). with is fine with me, but tells us all, they didn’t had budged to progress with the game and made this solution.
2 Now after all this Albion Online Power Leveling time we’ve been waiting for this game and when closed beta came up – They realised unexpected popularity of the game, and developers was nicely surprised of amount of people joining in.
3 Game is not free to play (yet) , But they already realised how many features has to be changed and rewriting as if they having 60k players playing and trying the game, we came across many features with aren’t good system for this game, or simple were bad solution . And Also WITH BUDGED THEY GOT NOW they can start working on thinks with before they couldn’t afford . so Yes they trying make game more exiting and better, better and better
JUST please don’t forget we don’t want all to be changed,
4 People were complaining and quitting game, when upgrade came and sadly fame rewards drop. and crafting harvesting gathering became a bit easier.
Yet again I think that was wrong move and hope will not be preeminent. But also make me understand they want people to reach Top and see how other thinks work as well. in both different Set up’s.
I would love to see ” END OF GAME” Reaching even for insane hard core Cheap Albion Online Gold player withih 1-2 years not faster than that cuz this game will be lost as HELBREATH back in days.

AND U DEVELOPERS came with idea to change our founders pack for some gift in the gam(starter pack) with on the end of the day making us spend and Donate again once game will start

I disagree on the basis that your opinion is that of a filthy casual who is not a member of a 1,000+ man alliance. As a member of such a prestigious alliance, I need only ask my alliance members if they see my naked scout with their naked scout, at which point they will inform me, usually in Russian, the name of the Albion Online Power Leveling dungeon my alt is in, whereupon I simply google translate the answer. Pay attention to this next part, because it shows you how the players can really influence the world of Albion, and make it a richer experience for all. As I successfully scout 5 man groups for my 40 man group, I earn ZergBux. At the end of the month, the person with the most Zergbux is placed on an indefinite waiting list to join the 20 man group that the 1,000+ man alliance allows to farm the dungeons we are scouting to progress to 14.8 tier gear.

One of the main reasons I support implementing housing is because it would make it easier to be a solo player. Right now it is incredibly hard to go out in red or black zones alone or in small groups. This is due to the large amounts of zergs and because of the zoning laws. With open world housing I would have a place to store items, and respawn at. There is also plenty of space in the world right now. Half of the world is just rough wood. I admit that it could become cluttered, but it is my understanding that the world is being revamped anyway, so why not account for adding player housing?

More skills and shorter cooldowns. this will promote player Albion Gold Mall  skill and diversity. a full set of gear should give a 2-4 more usable skills and anything with over a 20 second cooldown should be reevaluated. hitting a button once per minute is lame. hitting that same button 3 times in a minute (even if the ending total is exacly the same) adds more player skill to the game.

Some Cool New Albion Online Feature

Posted: January 20, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

I believe the are going to try spice things up in the January release, If they have to reset ever time they lose players the game is just going to go down hill. Rather release some cool new feature and try and inspire people again. (This is going to happen in release and they need to find ways to keep people playing Albion Online Power Leveling. They cant do that by restarting every so often it has to be my giving us new content.

Yea, I agree there is a systemic problem with the game, in that everyone seems to love the rush at the beginning but just can’t take it by 3-4 weeks in except by the truly committed. It is worry some since the last thing any of us wants to see is 50% of the player base leave a month after release. Hoping they will figure something out in this time and maybe then in January they will wipe and see if they corrected the formula or not. Willing to give leeway on this but still a bit concerned.

I love the rush, because you define yourself quite a lot during these first hours of the game. All people (all) love to become a role in a system and be so good at it, that they are given respect on any kind of level.
So what SI is offering us right now, is a fun game that loses a fair amount of entertainment, when you realize, that the magical feeling of Albion Online Silver forming your character to what you want to be, disappears.

There’s very little T6+ content right now, but the devs have announced that they are working on adding a bunch. How could any of us possibly test it if there’s a wipe? It’ll take weeks or months for enough people to get to the level where the devs can get really good data on how the new content works out. There just isn’t that much time.

I think you are right in trying to address this – deep down I think the issue is in having leveling tier with gear. Admittedly this is purely a personal opinion. The reason is exactly as you stated – once you have gone passed that tier what is the point anymore for people to buy that item.

If I wanted to be drastic I would say scrap the entire tier system and start from scratch but for a game that is in closed beta is a little impossible. Part of the reason why I buy Albion Online Gold mention eve is that SI do. There are tiers in eve (but to me not as dramatic) but for items essentially there are types – i.e type of weapons, ammo, ships etc. Therefore there would also be a need for those items.

Also if get rid of repair – have a repair skill so only players can repair stuff. Again based on levels – can only repair your level and attempt to repair 1 tier or 1. tier above.I have no idea whether this would solve any Albion Online Power Leveling issues but to summarise simply where is the player need for items a market usually is created – its creating that need. Pvp losing gear is not enough in my opinion

Just on the above op post. Maybe in attempting something – maybe should only be able to attempt on something 1 tier or point tier above.

You must have Teamspeak installed & own a good microphone. Communication is everything.You must remain Active In-game, TeamSpeak and Forums
Respecting all members, ranks and and the chain of command within the guild is imperative.Always work towards the common benefit of the guild.All members must participate in group activities.Must be willing to engage in PvP at any given time and place.Must contribute time and resources to upgrading the guild base and resource reserves.Must speak & understand English enough to communicate among our members.We accept people from all timezones & places.Must follow all guild systems in place.Loyalty is everything. No Thievery, Lying or Cheating. Period.Failure to abide by these rules will result in being Kicked from Echo Of Silence.

My name is Eli and I lead the guild Echo Of Silence alongside Oli and Mar.
Echo Of Silence has one goal on Albion Online.
To be the the #1 PvP Guild on Albion Online Silver.
To do this we are recruiting mainly Hardcore PvPers. However, you don’t have to enjoy PvP to join this guild. We are also looking for crafting and economic specialists to join. Although we do focus on PvP and require you to help out when being attacked, you can help the Guild in other ways, including Farming Resources consistently. Our play-style emphasizes the GUILD above all. Echo Of Silence is not a guild for solo minded players. We work together as a team in order to accomplish all of our goals. We put the guild before ourselves with the same common vision.

Socialism and communism are inextricably linked and their proponents are almost always interested in uplifting and protecting oppressed and otherwise disadvantaged groups. Most people seem to think that, apparently thanks to cold war propaganda by Cheap Albion Online Gold , that ‘communism’ means some sort of authoritarian state like the Stalin-era USSR. There have been many analyses by communists themselves as to what exactly the USSR became, but all agree that it never achieved communism.

A Developer Of The Albion Online

Posted: January 15, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

I feel like you’ve been playing this game as if it were the live version. I’m sorry you spent or someone else spent that much time during a testing phase outside of the first few days.

I couldn’t tell you specific bugs, for I believe it or not, am not a developer of the game. It’s common coding knowledge not arrogance that I say that fact out of, not all bugs can be simply removed completely from the Albion Online Silver without a wipe. Why do you think games like D2 or D3 or WoW have had certain bugs that have been known for years and the only fixes on them are ever bandaids. I can guarantee the lead executive programmer for those projects know what they are doing.

Playing any game hardcore in a beta phase outside of the first 100 hours is wasteful. Unless you can reach end-game and test the Albion Mall . In this case that isn’t possible. Guilds have as much set-up practice and fine tuning now as they will have 2 months from now if they don’t get a wipe. If anything hardcore players should be more excited to see a wipe because it allows them a chance to reconfigure their starting strategies based on the new balances and properly test them in a live environment as a whole guild/group.