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A Developer Of The Albion Online

Posted: January 15, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

I feel like you’ve been playing this game as if it were the live version. I’m sorry you spent or someone else spent that much time during a testing phase outside of the first few days.

I couldn’t tell you specific bugs, for I believe it or not, am not a developer of the game. It’s common coding knowledge not arrogance that I say that fact out of, not all bugs can be simply removed completely from the Albion Online Silver without a wipe. Why do you think games like D2 or D3 or WoW have had certain bugs that have been known for years and the only fixes on them are ever bandaids. I can guarantee the lead executive programmer for those projects know what they are doing.

Playing any game hardcore in a beta phase outside of the first 100 hours is wasteful. Unless you can reach end-game and test the Albion Mall . In this case that isn’t possible. Guilds have as much set-up practice and fine tuning now as they will have 2 months from now if they don’t get a wipe. If anything hardcore players should be more excited to see a wipe because it allows them a chance to reconfigure their starting strategies based on the new balances and properly test them in a live environment as a whole guild/group.