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Been looking forward to what SE was gonna put in the game with terms of “awarding, structured PvP” I was really hoping it would Buy FFXIV Gil be arenas. Hear me out, I would love to see vamped up arena maps with 2V2, 3V3, 5V5 for PvP with whatever we can que with. Double dps comps would be great for example or healer dps comps, I know we have 5V5 but it follows the tank, healer, 3 dps combos which is not great. What I would love to see in the future would be:

– PvP ladders (rating)
– Arena PvP gear (gives more morale, stats, higher ilvl etc)
– Arena PvP maps with some gimmicks
– Skirmish type PvP (bring friends in to try out your groups but not lose rating)

I know people will say “WoW did this it’s not original” but this game is lacking in arena PvP and it’s something I really miss in an MMO aside from world PvP. These are only suggestions I know not everyone likes PvP or wants it, but for the ones that do, like myself I would love to see these additions. Thank you.

Ladders would be nice and so would less people in BGS, but wolf whatever it is arena.

Also the grind to lvl pvp is one of the worst systems for ranked pvp. I prefer ranked over grind, but idk some people like it i guess.

Edit to save posts: I would like 3v3 uncapped and huttsball was the best pvp to come out of swtor

Edit 2: But without quetime fixes the whole grind out lvl for pvp just sucks to be blunt. It does not particularly balance pvp even at max level, and is a grind for the sake of grind since it is not trying to slow down progression with content patches. The whole FFXIV Gil system needs to be changed or fixed and we really need smaller pvp then 72

I play monk. Lately in A4 I am trash talked for being low in DPS. Notes for A4 say do not get close to others due to splash damage, that slows me down. Run away from the leg to get Cheap FFXIV Gil the giant flowing balls, one, two balls because I changed to Fists of Earth (oh no the monk is in fists of earth let’s trash her), sometimes 3 balls or not oops I’m dead. Yet you, parsing tank are still on the leg wailing away. Then the dolls, oops gotta stop and go save the clerics cause you, the parser buddy of the tank have got to keep that DPS up for your parser. Then of course time for the ride down the tube. It’s not about DPS it’s about mechanics. Probably why we wipe.

Why not.. Make a cross server blacklist. Make a blacklist that works in the group. Make a mute function so people do not have to listen to being trashed.

I watched a video with Yoshi talking about parsers and saying “We are all adults here” well, NO we are not ALL adults. Even the adults aren’t adults.

And those are the people you just ignore. Even if it weren’t for parsers, people will find someone to blame for DPS being low, and it will obviously be among the 4 actual DPS.

On the positive side however, if you’re running a parser, you can easily defend your case if you’re actually keeping up in DPS. Parsers have their positive, and their negatives, it’s about the person who’s using it.

For example there are times in A1, on both Faust and Oppressor, I’m holding close to 900 DPS as a Drk. More often than not I’m either at the top of the chart (For the duration of my TP), or close to it. If things are dying when they should, idc if people are below me even if I’m a tank. If they’re not, I’m going to tell the DPS that they need to step it up a bit, and if someone is low enough to where you’d expect them to still be level 50, I’m going to tell them that they need to step it up too. How you react to that depends on how things escalate from there on out.

God forbid you tell some people that they need Final Fantasy XIV Gil to step their DPS up a bit, they act as if you just cursed their entire family.

When you create a new Final Fantasy XIV Gil character you have to start over from scratch which is fine, however for those who have completed the Main Scenario, any bit of it, there should be an ‘option’ when you create your character to have your character already completed these Main Scenario quests and it sets up your character just like it would be if you had.

It would give more incentive towards people making more characters (more money for SE with the full on subscription) if this was the case. It’s namely a quality of life thing, however. I personally don’t want to redo the story each time I create a character and feel this idea would do a lot of good for those who like multiple characters and just want to jump into the game unrestricted.

I really doubt they would consider this kind of suggestion. Mainly because of how everything is unlocked on a quest-by-quest basis and that there may be complications with how the way the game is coded. Who knows? The game also already kinda lightly enforces the idea of doing everything on one character. It’s a choice though. If you want everything on separate characters, you’re free to do as you please. You’ll just need to trudge through the MSQ again.