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Reading through this I’m a little surprised by the answers, I would have imagined that it would be WAR because Berserk + Unchained + Internal Release then Butchers Block a couple times generates insane enmity and I would think a DRK spamming Power Slash will find themselves out of MP and out of Darkside before even their Dark Arts Power Slashes would overcome the WARs aggro, and I wouldn’t necessarily count UFFXIV PLD out either as DRK needs to use their MP regen combo occasionally and a good WAR will be using Storms Eye to help generate aggro from the Slashing resistance down debuff and attack up where as a PLD generating aggro never needs to use anything other than Rage of Halone.

Having said that I still think a WAR will out aggro the other 2

AOE is a little more interesting tho. In particularly big pulls a WARs Overpower may be unable to hit all the enemies and Steel Cyclone is locked behind their Wrath mechanic. Which makes it a race between PLD and DRK in AOE, PLD has enhanced Flash and the Circle of Scorn DOT on a very short CD, where as DRK has Unleash, Dark Passenger and Salted Earth. Dark Passenger suffers from the same issue as Overpower in particularly large pulls where the mobs surround you so they can attack you, Salted earth is a Fire arrow like DOT I believe and Unleash is Flash with a damage dealing mechanic.
In an AOE aggro war between the two of them I believe it would be which ones MP holds out longer and Im not sure who that would be as DRK has Blood Price but is constantly losing MP to Darkside and Dark Passenger has an MP cost despite being a cooldown while a FFXIV GIL PLD can use Circle of Scorn without losing MP but has no way of reneging MP without switching to a single target for riot blade and I read somewhere that Flash generates more enmity than Unleash but that could be wrong


The problem is not FFXIV Gil PLD’s design, but the fact the devs allowed the tank meta to focus on DPS. That in itself is the result of not designing tanks to keep them tanking in their tank stance (since a good part of the DPS issue wouldn’t exist if they had; all it would mean is that raids would have had to spend an extra week or two or esoterics to gear their DPS appropriately to meet the checks in Alexander).

The desire for “simple” comes from the fact half the people on these forums want PLD turned into a UFFXIV WAR or FFXIV DRK facsimile for the sake of increasing its DPS.

I will continue being an awesome paladin. I will continue to be better than dark knights and warriors at my role. Your “popular opinions” about the state of the game can continue to be what they are. Both popular and opinions. Just remember, just because something is widely accepted doesn’t mean it’s right. Is the world still flat? Is Justin Beiber music good? My sword cuts through your fads and my shield blocks their influence. I am a rock, and though surrounded by a veritable sea of idiocy, I shall stand, the lone island, the safe haven, sheltering those who would choose the desolate isolation of intelligence rather than be dragged down and succumb to the loud, crashing waves of the ocean of mediocrity you call strength warriors and derp knights.

To be honest, I think this COULD be a problem if this was a UFFXIV PvP game, where a class having double or triple the survival of a DPS class doing only 25% less damage than then is a problem. However, this is NOT a PvP game. The tank that has double or triple your survival is ON YOUR SIDE! Them doing more damage only means that this particular person who is tougher to kill than you is also helping you kill your target.

Increased DPS makes tanks “more fun” and more approachable to those people that find the pure low-damage-high-defense archetypes VERY boring.

There is no reason for people to complain. But no matter what you do, people will always find something to complain about.

The problem with this world is: The only vocal people are the ones with the problems. The only people complaining about economical depression are the ones having problems finding jobs and paying the bills. You won’t find someone coming up on TV and saying: “Thank God/Budha/Government/what have you for the Job I have and the solid income that Bills are an after thought”. Subsequently, you won’t find a warrior coming to these forums opening a thread with a: “My survival is amazing and my FFXIV Gil DPS is HUGE! Thank you God/Budha/SE/What have you For The Amazing Game-Time I have!”

Well, it does have PVP. They’ve just not done a very good job with it, so not a lot of people partake in it. If they ever make changes such that it becomes more popular, tank DPS could become an issue, at which point they might take the same route for tanks that they did with healers: deactivating the DPS stances in PvP.