All Members Must Participate In Albion Online

Posted: January 16, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

You must have Teamspeak installed & own a good microphone. Communication is everything.You must remain Active In-game, TeamSpeak and Forums
Respecting all members, ranks and and the chain of command within the guild is imperative.Always work towards the common benefit of the guild.All members must participate in group activities.Must be willing to engage in PvP at any given time and place.Must contribute time and resources to upgrading the guild base and resource reserves.Must speak & understand English enough to communicate among our members.We accept people from all timezones & places.Must follow all guild systems in place.Loyalty is everything. No Thievery, Lying or Cheating. Period.Failure to abide by these rules will result in being Kicked from Echo Of Silence.

My name is Eli and I lead the guild Echo Of Silence alongside Oli and Mar.
Echo Of Silence has one goal on Albion Online.
To be the the #1 PvP Guild on Albion Online Silver.
To do this we are recruiting mainly Hardcore PvPers. However, you don’t have to enjoy PvP to join this guild. We are also looking for crafting and economic specialists to join. Although we do focus on PvP and require you to help out when being attacked, you can help the Guild in other ways, including Farming Resources consistently. Our play-style emphasizes the GUILD above all. Echo Of Silence is not a guild for solo minded players. We work together as a team in order to accomplish all of our goals. We put the guild before ourselves with the same common vision.

Socialism and communism are inextricably linked and their proponents are almost always interested in uplifting and protecting oppressed and otherwise disadvantaged groups. Most people seem to think that, apparently thanks to cold war propaganda by Cheap Albion Online Gold , that ‘communism’ means some sort of authoritarian state like the Stalin-era USSR. There have been many analyses by communists themselves as to what exactly the USSR became, but all agree that it never achieved communism.

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