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Trove: why speed is effected

Posted: December 3, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

No, on one has given an actual reason, which neither did you in this comment. Someone, ANYONE give a reason why someone leeching has an effect on loot if you are in a group larger than 8 already. If you have 8 people, odds are some of them have rally blade on, which means more will join. So regardless of one or two people leeching, if you already have a group larger than 8 people someone isn’t getting loot regardless. And if you think you need 20kPR to insta kill stuff you don’t play very much. I have seen people with 12k PR kill bosses in U9 when one hit, usually they are SH but still. I am at PR 15k and can insta kill almost any boss in U9.

You say i am not listening but I have re-read the comments several times and no one has yet to explain why one person in a large group already above 8 effects loot. Nor has anyone explained why speed is effected, because as I have stated several times, if you need to spend 5 seconds reviving the person and maybe more catching the scattered mobs, any time you would have gained with the Trove Flux and them helping is nullified completely. So far no one has given a valid reason as to why leeching directly impacts anything in a negative way, any reasons given so far can be debunked very easily and have been already with no one giving further information to explain away the reasons as to why they are a non issue.

Again, same arguments have been made over and over, and with the same answer. The one unanswered thing I’ve see stated over and over, is reviving the noob if they die trying to help you. The answer to that is the following, you don’t revive them. It’s much faster in a team to respawn and rejoin/invite. You have time during flying you can invite, so you don’t sacrifice grind time.

It’s largely an ethical issue and people have already debated their points. They’ve mostly decided to leave it at that as to not waste too much energy going in circles. No-one is going to budge at this point. All I’ll say is that you wouldn’t pay a Doctor the same wage as someone barely showing up for work. Sure giving the same wage wouldn’t necessarily hurt the doctor, but it’d be quite insulting.

I feel like you missed the point completely. Why do you assume that group A or B have an understanding? Did I at any point say they know one another? No, it’s implied it’s a group of randoms. And never, not once do you need more than a couple of people to finish a dungeon. Unless you are FAR underpowered for the area then 2 or 3 people is enough to finish any dungeon in the game. So again, you are not losing out on any needed DPS at all, most times half a group does not even get to the boss room before the others have killed it. So both groups get the exact same amount of loot and both groups do the same dmg because in no situation in this game do you ever need to have all 8 people fighting a boss, unless your whole group is dearly underpowered for that dungeon.

Also, loot is the entire point to all of this. A huge reason people are against leeching is because they are saying it effects their loot. My point is, that if you are in a group more than 8 then you wont get loot sometimes anyways, and if you are under 8 people then you get loot regardless.

That’s because you’re being closed minded. You’re trying to prove people wrong on something that’s an opinion and for some reason you don’t get it. I mentioned it was rude because people are getting EXP or Loot without doing anything through the Trove Flux for sale. The argument is not whether or not it impacts you but rather or not it’s fair. If you don’t mind people leeching off of you that’s your decision. But not everyone feels that way. In all of your claims you mention clearing bosses fast. But from what I’ve read you fail to acknowledge if someone doesn’t clear them fast. In that scenario the goal could be reached must faster if the leecher helps. But instead remains on their mount at the top.

Without the leecher there, yes, they’d clear it in the same time. But that’s not the point. The point is the leecher IS there and could help shave off time and refuses to do so. I personally don’t need a leecher to help me that’s not why I don’t like them. I don’t like the idea of someone reaping the benefits of my work without my consent. I cannot debunk your opinion because it, again, is an OPINION. As you also cannot disprove my view that it’s rude. We can go on and on with this and never get anywhere. So please for crying out loud just stop trying to force your opinion on others. It’s not going to work.


They look good but since they “unlock” the things on your account, how are old players that already have everything from the pack, except the “coins”, credits and Patron, Are supposed to help support the game.

The pack value may be good for someone that has nothing from it, but even a player that is not yet on mastery 300 but is at something like 200 will argue that he has already half or most of the pack unlocked.Trove need a change of the Trove Flux, give us tradeable things and we unlock on our account what we want.Or Make things easier for both old, mid, new players.

Tokens or some sort of unlockers.These packs have some omini mount unlockers, but even that for old players is something that we have a lot, and theres nothing new that we can unlock with that.It would be a positive godsend if Trion made anything tradeable at this point. I really don’t understand why they’re locking every single new item that comes out, ever since the Mantle of Power update.

I was going to compare the item prices, argue that we could buy them on sales with the extra 8,500 credits from the normal 99.99 pack but i gave up on that no one from staff ever reads or like these types of comments.I just dont like a pack that has lots of untradeable or things i dont want while they cut off things ( the credits ) thinking yeah this item value is X lets cut an amount almost the same from the credits value from a similar pack.

It would be good to receive like double the credits value if we are buying a pack where half the itens are something we have no use or dont want to by Cheap Trove Flux.I guess i will just skip on this pack like i did with the three themed packs that i had everything from them.