Trove: the total power rank leaderboard more competitive

Posted: November 7, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

Why make it longer? We are doing the exact same thing from 20-30 and the rewards gained from these levels are hardly anything. Why prolong the already long grind for no real progress? What the devs are doing is making it easier for people to make the game less insufferable and I think many people (myself included) are welcoming this change.

That is incorrect. Class Leveling and gem grinding are different things. Making it easier to level up classes still makes the game less insufferable whether it changes something else, such as gem grinding.

How is it invalid when gems and levels are two very different things? In fact getting to level 30 sooner means that you can really start grinding for gems sooner due to xp efficient worlds and gem slots opening up. Why make one grind longer than it needs the Cheap Trove Flux when it also makes another grind worse? There is no logical reason to increase xp for these levels that nothing new happens in.

I have all the classes, and leveling them all to level 30 would have been a major pain so I didn’t. I would just play my Pirate Captain and that’s it. Maybe now I can think about leveling my other characters on saturdays. If their gem slots open up quicker then I can get them into U9 quicker. With more people leveling their characters (in theory) it should make the total power rank leaderboard more competitive.

This is absurd is so many ways, but i’ll talk about one of the more simple ones.

Inflating the gameplay or putting players on a hamster wheel is bad game design, it is technically what the grind is, and it’s definitely also what character levels are, reducing that means that players can Buy Trove Flux struggling with limited gem slots and less power rank earlier on, and progress to different contest faster.

I’m ok with grind being cut short a little, that means i can work on other toons a little faster. seriously i don’t know why you guys are making a big deal out of it, some day when they add another 5 -10 lvls to our grind you’ll look back at this particular thread and say “that was a uselless thread”. i mean, you do know, it aint over for Trove yet, right?


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