Trove: tokens or some sort of unlockers

Posted: November 2, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

They look good but since they “unlock” the things on your account, how are old players that already have everything from the pack, except the “coins”, credits and Patron, Are supposed to help support the game.

The pack value may be good for someone that has nothing from it, but even a player that is not yet on mastery 300 but is at something like 200 will argue that he has already half or most of the pack unlocked.Trove need a change of the Trove Flux, give us tradeable things and we unlock on our account what we want.Or Make things easier for both old, mid, new players.

Tokens or some sort of unlockers.These packs have some omini mount unlockers, but even that for old players is something that we have a lot, and theres nothing new that we can unlock with that.It would be a positive godsend if Trion made anything tradeable at this point. I really don’t understand why they’re locking every single new item that comes out, ever since the Mantle of Power update.

I was going to compare the item prices, argue that we could buy them on sales with the extra 8,500 credits from the normal 99.99 pack but i gave up on that no one from staff ever reads or like these types of comments.I just dont like a pack that has lots of untradeable or things i dont want while they cut off things ( the credits ) thinking yeah this item value is X lets cut an amount almost the same from the credits value from a similar pack.

It would be good to receive like double the credits value if we are buying a pack where half the itens are something we have no use or dont want to by Cheap Trove Flux.I guess i will just skip on this pack like i did with the three themed packs that i had everything from them.


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