Established Top 10 Performance every Albion Online

Posted: January 14, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

‘Beta is on the horizon and the masses are preparing a free for all for the affluence of Albion Online, do you have a plan? Vanguards’ leadership has embarked this journey every alpha/beta and have collectively, with guild and alliance, imperatively placed a decisive blueprint to start this beta with maximum effectiveness. Spreadsheets/Website/Forums/Diplomatic Teamspeak Discussions/ you name it we are in the brilliant light of planning another top 10 performance from our player base. Our unique capability to organized a group of international elites has already given us the numbers we need to to establish another successful Albion Online campaign. Vanguard has a core membership that already out matched the most competing guilds. With our pride and passion in every aspect of the game why should you fall victim to unworthy guilds/alliances. You should join Vanguard. Players from all over the world have risen through our ranks and all have confirmed this organization to be one that is self disciplined and self mastered in grand game plan strategy. Do not be left out in the cold this winter beta.’
Vanguard has set the goal for an international community of like minded individuals competing with/against others with never-ending passion. Mixing cultures and friends into one illustrious guild has set Vanguard as the top detestation for intercontinental players. Vanguard has consented to its player base to be active every hour of Albion Online. Unbroken activity and enduring communication is what separates Vanguard from the rest. Guild events and roaming parties are not a day to day occurrence. But, an hour to hour engagement by . This winter beta will allow many players from around the world to once again segment exclusive players into malevolent groups that neither share passion/esteem/chemistry/ or allegiance. Do not allow yourselves to participate in an under-achieving Beta. Our player base has, with pride and passion in every game mechanic, collectively brought top 10 performance each Alpha/Beta with foreign and exotic members that as of now, set the foundation of our core troops. You should join Vanguard and experience a passion like no equal. As of now NA/EU spots are being crowded, however, our developing Asian(Malaysia,Korea) players are in need of Australian positions to fill in our hourly activity. Before winter Beta you should reserve a spot today!

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