The Unlocks Of Albion Online

Posted: January 13, 2016 in FFXIV Gil

1. Re-work how weapons and armors interact with the game itself. I find it nonsensical that a person need a certain build for PVP and PVE. Why don’t make all combination of weapons and armors viable for any kind of play style? This will give players more freedom to play how they like instead of submitting to what they should be having to make their playing ‘optimal’. The idea of a ‘gimp’ build sickens me on many MMOs I played in the past.

2. Re-work how NPC laborers work in this world. The journal system of NPC is not good in my opinion. How about you make NPC hire-able temporarily and permanently? Temporary NPCs hired for a day and their ability scale up by level based on how much you pay for them. They are significantly more expensive to hire compared to permanent NPCs. Permanent NPCs requires training from T1 to build up their skills by Cheap Albion Online Gold, you can use the journal to help speed up their levelling process. I will write up a more detailed suggestion on this.

3. Re-work destiny tree. I find it horrible on the progression one have to make to achieve what they want. Sort the unlocks according to categories. For example, after unlocking basic heavy armor, it branches out into light plate, medium plate, and heavy plate. Destiny tree need to be more common sense instead of the jumbled mess it is. This rework requires the rework of my first suggestion.

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